The best clubs in Prague

Prague is full of all kind of clubs, from the most relaxed to the most banging you’ll find anywhere in central Europe. In fact, the clubs in Prague are one of its main selling points as a tourist destination. Avoid hanging out too much with the travelling masses, however, and you’ll see a different side to clubs of Prague – one that’s urban, raw and thoroughly cool. Here’s three of our favourite clubs in Prague. Enjoy.


Karlovy Lázně

Karlovy-lazneAlthough perhaps not (according to your favourite travel bloggers, at least) our favourite club in Prague, Karlovy Lázně definitely deserves a mention for being the largest club in Central Europe and a reference point in the area. If you’re here for any length of time, you’ll probably hear people talking about this place. It has five stories, which play a variety of music and even includes some more chilled-out rooms if you’re feeling weary.

Cross Club

cross-club-prague Another club in Prague that’s often talked about is the Cross Club. This industrial-looking venue is something between and art gallery and a nightclub – it contains weird metal sculptures and almost everything seems to be welded down in some way. It’s the cool place to go on the avant-garde Czech party scene. A vaguely alternative feel, and includes both DJs and live acts. Be aware that this club is a bit of a trek away, although it’s well worth the mission.


roxy-prague Roxy is another of the biggest clubs in Prague, on many levels. It’s played host to top-name artists such as Faithless, and is a firm favourite on the Prague club scene. It’s housed in an old art-deco theatre, and has for some time been one of the classic places for a good night out in Prague. Regularly hosts free nights, too.

These are some of our favourite clubs in Prague. Don’t forget to let us know which yours are, too!

The ice bar, London

london-nightlife Located just of Regent’s Street is a different, original kind of bar (or, at least, so the hype would have you believe). Icebar in London is just that – a bar made entirely from ice, from the walls to the chairs you sit in, and even your glasses.

  On entrance to Icebar, you’re given special icebar-londonclothing to keep you warm. The visit lasts for 40 minutes, and afterwards you can step out into the restaurant if you wish. Booking is highly advised as the bar has limited capacity and can often get full very quickly, especially at weekends and even on Thursdays. Prices range from 12.50 to 16, or 24 for a special “Champagne Session”, where guest numbers are limited and a glass of Champagne and another drink are included.

Below Zero, the restaurant attached to the London ice bar, offers various European dishes at normal temperatures. Cost is about 30 per head, and there’s plenty of smaller plates you can order if you just fancy picking at something.

ice-bar-londonThe Ice bar in London is, of course, a total gimmick, but we have to admit that the interior has been well designed. If you’ve never been here, you’ll probably enjoy the novelty value more than anything, although one visit is enough to see everything you need. Icebar London is well prepared for parties, and this is a fun venue to take a group of friends, but essentially the only difference between this and other bars is 1) the fact that it’s made from ice and 2) the price tag. Whether one merits the other is up to you to decide.

Location: 31-33 Heddon Street. Timetable: open until 11pm (12.30 am on Fridays and 1.15 am on Sauurdays. Price: for a complete price list, click here.