Salou’s night festival

salou-magical-nightsSalou is a city located in the southern part of the Spanish region of Catalonia. It is known for its beautiful beaches of golden sand and because of its touristic appeal.  However, although the days are beautiful there, nights are also a great attraction.

During the month of August Salou celebrates Les nits Daurades, Catalan for The Golden Nights. This is an intense and popular festive event with the objective of taking advantage of the beautiful and warm Mediterranean nights that Salou has to offer its visitors.

During this festivity traditional activities merge with modern ones. So in one same day you might be able to see the traditional Tarragonian fishing technique in the afternoon and then enjoy a concert at night. At the same time there are always many bars open in the evenings and throughout the night where one can taste wonderful Mediterranean dishes.

The Golden Nights include activities for both adults and children, so they are a perfect environment for families. In fact, one of the main attractions in the fireworks spectacle, which amazes the youngest and the oldest in a mix of color, magic and joy.

So if you are looking to spend a splendid vacation in the Costa Dorada, you might want to consider renting an apartment in Salou and having the chance of enjoying a beautiful summer festival near the sea.


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