Take a trip to Formentera, a Spanish Paradise

yacht charter formentera hopyachtsMany people that search for chilled out beaches to spend their summer vacation have fallen in love with Formentera over the years. It’s not by chance this island’s called “the last Mediterranean paradise”. If you want to find a special yet relaxing place with wonderful weather, you should try this tiny island.

You can only access Formentera from another well-known island, Ibiza. But while Ibiza has discos and parties almost every day in summer, Formentera has its virgin nature and its quiet beaches as a claim. Not in vain it’s been a favorite place for hippy culture in the sixties, and nowadays you can find traces of this in its leisurely way of life. You can also find samples of its ancient inhabitants: villages, archaeological pieces, Roman and Moorish remains… Formentera is a great place to discover and learn a lot about Mediterranean history and traditions.

Traveling by regular boat is a cheap mean to access Formentera; remember you can only get to the island this way. But there are other choices: for instance, you can spend a delicious time navigating your way around the island thanks to agencies like yacht charter formentera hopyachts. Don’t hesitate to give this agency a chance; you’ll find an excellent way of enjoying Formentera from another point of view. There are yachts available for any needs, whether you’re looking for a relaxing trip or a luxury one. Just take a look at its online catalog and simply choose the one that suits you best.


We suggest for instance Sun Cat. It’s a 22m long cruising catamaran. The four members of the crew will help you to have the best experience possible by attending all your requests. Sun Cat has room for 100 passengers, including the crew, and has other services like DJ, catering and even a massage salon.

Do you really want to enjoy your trip to Formentera? Don’t forget to visit its incomparable green zones and take a look at the depths of its past. And when the time to relax arrives, think of being cradled by the waves on one of these yachts.

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